Environment Friendly

Not only are we reducing waste by recycling your filters for extra use, but our cleaning processes and detergents exceed City regulations, verified by periodic lab testing.

Also, since the filters are cleaned manually and are closely inspected and static air flow tested, it ensures the filter will operate as if new, resulting in good fuel mileage.



We have a DPF cleaning system that is state of the art. It's "Dual Force" cleaning technology can handle any DPF that is on the market today!

We believe it to be much better than any automatic cleaning system out there. This system makes it possible to focus on specific parts of the DPF that have higher concentrations of soot contamination.

We have multiple kiln bake ovens to handle multiple filters at once.


Call us at: 705-561-0750 for a quote. We offer pickup and delivery service for the Sudbury area. We can also accommodate customers from outside of town too. 

what we do

We fully bake and manually clean both the DPF and DOC. Manually cleaning ensures maximum performance. Automated cleaners work well enough to clean the center of the filter but are unable to completely clean the element closer to the edges.

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